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Always call ahead before driving very far or planning a big date with a hot chick because sometimes things go chattering mad and shows get postponed or cancelled altogether.
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Jalan Crossland music schedule 2014

Sat. 23

Casper, WY

Galleria Theater in Casper

Private --- Full band   8pm

Sun. 24

Sheridan, WY

The Holiday Station, 936 Brundage
Wyoming Lottery kick-off (The first lottery ticket will be sold to 67 year old Mary Ogg)

Free - solo - 11am

Thurs. 28

Gillette, WY

AVA Arts Center

Full band   7pm

Sat. 30

Big Horn, WY

Big Horn Smokehouse & Saloon

Full band   8:30pm

Sat. 6

Keystone, SD

Holy Terror Days

Full band

Sun. 14

Laramie, WY

Laramie WY/UWYO Education Auditorium
Presented by:
Naughty Pines Derby Dames and LAHC

6pm   Buy tickets
Full band
With: Jason Burge and J. Shogren

October schedule

Fri. 3

Ft. Collins, CO

Avogadro's Number

8:30pm  $15.
Full band




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