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Jalan Crossland is an “endemic Wyoming treasure” (Rita Basom- Wyoming Arts Council). He is widely acclaimed by audiences, critics, and his musical peers as being a premier acoustic guitarist, as well as banjo player, singer-songwriter, and engaging showman. Along with dozens of regional contest awards, his extraordinary guitar work earned him National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship honors in ’97 and the State Flatpick Championship title of his home state in 1999. In recognition for his contribution to the arts in Wyoming, he was bestowed with the Governor’s Arts Award in 2013. Biography continued …

“…always able to fuse great storytelling with an affable but highly skilled playing style.”

“A resounding, ‘Well done!'”

“An endemic Wyoming Treasure”

“I don’t even know that guy, and I don’t use a George Forman Grill!”
-Taj Mahal

“…A great impact on the music scene in Wyoming”
– Grady Kirkpatrick, WYOMING PUBLIC RADIO

“Jalan Crossland was killer! He played things I wish I knew how to play.”

“…so fluid and articulate that the most seasoned players will be amazed and inspired. Adding vibrant vocals to his commanding guitar style, he is truly a singular talent.”
– Barb Evanson, DAHL FINE ARTS CENTER, Rapid City SD

“I love it when you play the banjo! You remind me of those bears at Disney Land (TM)!”
-Innominate Old Lady

“Extraordinary talent in crafting wonderful songs that have been loved by many

and performed by numerous artists across the nation.”

-Paul Jarvis, BIG HORN MT FESTIVAL, Buffalo WY

“One of the finest guitarists in America”
-Spencer Bohren

“If you’re lucky enough to hear Jalan play, observe the audience.
It will be made almost entirely of drop-jawed, glassy-eyed, altogether astonished listeners.”

“More than just a great picker, Crossland’s performances feature graceful delivery and genuine character”

“Mixes raw talent and obvious practice with passion, whimsy, and a feel for what people want to see ad hear.”
-THE EAR, Park City UT

“A grand experimenter”
-Northern WY Daily News


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 Jalan Crossland
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Jalan Solo 2015   Low Rez
Jalan Solo 2015   High Rez

Biography continued …

Magazines as far-ranging as the New York Times and No Depression have run features on him, and Paste Magazine included him and his ensemble as being among Wyoming’s top bands. He has made numerous television and radio appearances and is portrayed in the short film “Wyomericana”, which won the Laramie Film Festival in 2014. He’s been invited as the opening act on two national tours with Texas songwriting legend Robert Earl Keen. Jalan has released 7 albums of primarily his own songs, and performs throughout the U.S. and occasionally Europe, when he takes the notion.

“To pin any one label on Crossland’s body of work would be a crime. It’s not country. It’s not rock. It sure as hell ain’t your daddy’s bluegrass! His characters and stories come alive to form an often dark, yet highly humorous interpretation of the American Experience.” (Marcus Huff- Laramie Zine) Kanky songs about drinkin, fightin, hobos, roughnecks, trailer park fires, oil-patch strippers, and little neighborhood dogs that bite, are lent their truth-is-stranger-than-fiction wobble by virtue of the fact that Jalan was raised and resides in a rural mountain town, population >300. “He casts a sardonic but affectionate eye on the roughhewn lives of Western people. Crossland’s ‘Big Horn Mountain Blues’ is so popular in Wyoming that it is practically the official state song.” (Michael Segell- New York Times)

“Onstage, dressed in what might be called ‘cowboy carny’ (denim, buckle boots, and a bowler hat), he is a bundle of loose-limbed energy, a lovable bad boy who alternates love songs with knockdown banjo tunes about towns known for nothing more than ‘hard luck, bad blood, bullshit, and beer’.” (Michael Segell- New York Times) Jalan performs full time both solo and with his esteemed ensemble, a longsuffering trio consisting of Shaun Kelley on upright and electric bass, and Pat Madsen on drums and whackadoo stick, each member lending to 3 part vocal harmony arrangements. “More than a great picker, Crossland’s performances feature graceful delivery and genuine character.” (Planet Jackson Hole)